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Hi I am Kevin Sieverkropp a 4th generation rancher in Central Washington state.  I am the owner and manufacturer of Bar 18 Creations.  This is the story behind Bar 18 Creations.

After graduating from Washington State University (WSU) with a Degree in Animal Science Productions management and a minor in Agri-Buiness.  My wife Elizabeth and I moved 8 miles so she could go to graduate school.

This is when the idea for Bar 18 Creations came about.  This was the first time in my life I had ever had a typical 8-5 job (working in an animal genetics research lab at WSU).  I am naturally a person that has to be doing something and can not sit still very long.  My wife finally told me that I needed to find a hobby (which I had never really had one) or she was going to go crazy (because she was trying to do school work).

I have always enjoyed welding and fabricating things out of metal.  I had made a bench for my mom out of horseshoe and wood when I was in high school.  Fast forward to me trying to find a hobby and it just so happened that my aunt really wanted me to make her a horseshoe bench similar to the one I made my mom.  So I agreed to make it for her and I used the proceeds from that sale to fund Bar 18 Creations.

bar 18 creations, horseshoe decor, horseshoe bench, horseshoe

This is a horseshoe bench by Bar 18 Creations

I used the $150 that I earned from the bench and started buying supplies to start making horseshoe decor.  I would drive home to the farm about 2 weekends a month and make as many items as I could to build my inventory up.  I would return home with my inventory and then paint them.  At that time Elizabeth and her mom were making western decor and selling them on Etsy.  Elizabeth said that I should sell my horseshoe items on there Etsy page and since 2012 I have been selling on the Lizzy and Me western decor Etsy page.

Fast forward to the present time Elizabeth and I have moved back to the Ranch were I can raise my son in a western lifestyle.  I work in the evening on Bar 18 Creations orders and inventory.  I have now made, sold, and shipped over 1000+ horseshoe items, shipped items to over 7 international countries plus 49 of 50 states in the USA.  I still make all of the items my self in the ranch shop.  Making all the items by hand allows me to make each and every item unique and different no matter how similar the items look I am not table to make them exactly the same.

Thank you for stopping by and learning more about Bar 18 Creations.  Hope you get a chance to look at all of the horseshoe items that I have made for customers along with the items I have for sale.

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Thank you again and have a great day!